Is a 401k a benefit when evaluating a new job?

No, a 401k is not much of a benefit for most people. A 401k is not more compensation, and it is not anything special that you couldn’t do yourself for most people. A 401k is merely a retirement savings account that you can efficiently move money into directly from your paycheck without it landing in your checking account…before temptation.

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Social Security History and Benefits

Created as a result of the Great Depression, The Social Security Act was signed into law by President Roosevelt in 1935; mainly due to the rise in poverty of the nation’s elderly population. The act was designed to provide retired workers ages 65 and older with a continuing income after retirement. The first Social Security card was created in November of 1936, with the numbers assigned by geographic region. To date, more than 450 million Social Security numbers have been issued since the program started.

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