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SAVINGS PLAYBOOK is for everyone in the 20-40 year old age range.  It is an easy to read do-it-yourself Playbook which is a savings plan created just for you; running calculations based on your specific financial information.  Once a year we should all take some time to review our finances, measure our progress, and increase our financial knowledge; and the Playbook is the best tool for doing that.

  1. Checking Account Maximizer teaches you how to manage your checking account just as easy as filling your car up with gas.
  1. Debt Coach strategizes how to pay off your credit card debt faster.
  2. Liquidity For Hiccups calculates specific amounts you should have in liquid savings and credit card availability.
  3. Save This Much specifies the dollar amount you should be saving regularly from your paycheck for your known and unknown future.
  4. Priority Savings Allocatordesignates specifically what type of account to put the Save This Much towards.
  5. Retirement Forecast ballparks the lump sum needed at retirement age to afford one’s desired lifestyle.
  6. Mortgage Calculator demonstrates how much house you should afford.
  7. Cash Flow Coordinator breaks down your offensive and defensive strategy, income vs. expenses.

Additional topics also introduce insurances, taxes, and simplify record keeping.

Complete questionnaire and email back to, a coach will contact you to receive payment and clarify answers if necessary. Please allow up to 7 days for completed Playbook to be emailed back to you.