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$49 per month

* SAVE 37% * $400 upfront for Playbook and 12 month Coaching Program

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12 MONTH COACHING PACKAGE is a more intensive hands on approach for those who need an additional push.  Typically someone who wants to get started saving, has very little investible assets, has credit card debt, student loans, wants to raise their credit scores, and wants to be pointed in the right direction financially.

Some people fortunately have a parent or spouse who holds them financially accountable. But for so many others, you would greatly benefit from a Savings Coach who will take the time to Educate you about fundamental financial topics and Motivate you to take the necessary steps to financial independence.  Each month you will cover a different topic in the Playbook, as well as focus on your own top priorities.

  • 90 minute initial consultation
  • Monthly call-in Coaching sessions to track progress
  • Encouragement Emails from the Savings Coach
  • 60 minute consultation at end of 6 months
  • Coach who will hold you accountable for budgeting cash flow and taking care of your finances
  • Temptation purchases >$500 Call-in Hotline
  • Achievement Certificate upon completion